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  Essay Apprentice Writing System
Essay Apprentice Essay Writing System
Essay Apprentice Essay Writing System

Essay Apprentice Writing System
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The precursor to our best-selling Essay Architect, our Essay Apprentice Writing System can be used in the lower elementary grades to help younger students learn how to construct good writing, or can be used as intervention for high school students who are really struggling to write a five-paragraph essay and need a lot of extra help with the essentials of good writing.

We often are asked, what is the difference between Essay Apprentice and Essay Architect? Essay Apprentice was designed for the emergent writer, whether an elementary student learning to construct and polish his or her writing for the first time, or the high school student who is unable to pass writing assessments, and struggles to write even one or two paragraphs that make sense. Essay Apprentice is perfect for those students who are learning how to move beyond the very basic structure of a sentence and need more instruction and practice arranging these sentences into paragraph format. The students who respond best to Essay Apprentice also need to learn how to read and answer a writing prompt to write knowledgeably and coherently about a topic, and they need a boost of confidence when approaching writing different types of essays for both process writing and timed writing. What makes Essay Apprentice unique is that it does not merely spout off theories and research and statistics on how and why students should learn these skills, the Essay Apprentice Writing System gives you hands-on, practical, and ready-to-go activities, worksheets, and handouts to help your students begin writing today. (179 pages)

Help students gain confidence in their writing with fun, creative writing activities that also focus on purposes and types of writing, including

  • Writing to Entertain: Cartoon Strip, Horoscope, and Poetry
  • Writing to Inform: Recipe of Me, Quick Messages and Notes, Formal Letters
  • Writing to Persuade: Personal Advertisement, Magazine Advertisement

Move seamlessly into sentence construction activities that help students learn to write clean, succinct, and varied sentences that make sense:

  • Sentence Structure
  • Fragments
  • Main and Subordinate Clauses
  • Simple and Compound Sentences
  • Punctuating Sentences
  • Expanding Sentences
  • Sentence Variety
  • Sentence Combining
  • Using Modifiers

Once sentences are clear and make sense, students then learn step-by-step how to put those sentences together for a great paragraph:

  • Paragraph Structure and Formatting
  • Developing Paragraph Details
  • Types of Writing
  • Writing Thesis Statements
  • Writing Introductions
  • Writing Conclusions

Once students are clear about the construction and purpose of paragraphs, students then begin preparing for formal writing through whole-class and small group activities that help the intimidated or resistant writer gain confidence, constructing an essay together

  • Structure of the Essay
  • Evaluating Essays
  • Verbal Discussion of Ideas
  • Organizing Ideas
  • Writing Group Essays
  • Evaluating Model and Non-Model Essays: What Should an Essay Look Like?
  • Peer-Editing and Evaluation Activities
  • Sample Model and Non-Model Essays

Finally, students are ready to take on their own essay. Students then take on a similar task, this time on their own to prove what they have learned. This final section inclues

  • Verbal Discussion of Ideas
  • Writing Thesis Statements
  • Individual Organization of Thoughts
  • Pre-Writing Process
  • Writing Individual Essays

Of course, no writing guide would be complete without the Resources, Tips, and Hints, to help you along the way:

  • Using a Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Reading an Essay Prompt
  • Essay Templates
  • Show, Don't Tell
  • Using Idioms
  • Precise Word Choice
  • Vivid Verbs
  • Misspelled and Confusing Words
  • 15 Essays for Evaluation

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